Tablet POS from Hisense!

Today we have just added 3 new mobile tablet POS systems from Hisense

Each of them have their own unique pros and cons, so we thought it would be great to explain them through a blog post.

Firstly lets start off with the most affordable option HM388

Hisense HM388 $499~$569


HM388’s base configuration comes under $500 dollars making it one of the most affordable windows based POS system in the world!  It also comes with it’s own dock, built in MSR, Micro SD slot, mini HDMI, and micro USB.  It also comes with 32gb eMMC flash memory with ~20 GB free after windows installation.

Performance wise, it has intel’s Cherrytrail Z8350 quad core CPU and is able to handle many POS tasks we throw at it.  However, we would not recommend running HM388 as a server for high volume multiple POS system setup.

With built in magnetic strip reader, its possible to read the loyalty cards and gift cards in a breeze.

It also has built in camera which is useful when you have to take a picture of the customer or your employees for employee cards.

We are very conflicted on the docking station.  It provides 3 x USB with 1 x COM port for the HM388, but it communicates with the tablet via contact therefore, USB connected printers, pinpads, customer displays or other devices will not work while tablet is detached.  Also COM port is in RJ45 formfactor and may require adapters to use other traditional COM port devices.


Hisense HM518 $719~$1049


HM518 doe not provide any additional performance over HM388, but it provides additional protection against droppage, dust & water.  We accidentally tested how durable it was (multiple times actually.  No he did not get fired) and we can say that it definitely works as intended and can withstand intern’s abuse perfectly.

Besides the durability we can atest for, HM518 also has capabilities to have scanner pre installed into the tablet allowing quick barcode scanning without carrying additional barcode scanner.

HM518 also has expanded storage from HM388’s 32GB to whopping 64GB.

Unlike HM388, you do get an option to choose Windows 8.1 instead of Windows 10.

Also it does not come with a charging station b default and needs to be purchased separately.

Hisense HM516 $619~$949


Hisense HM516 is an android equivalent of HM518.  It looks and feels similar to HM518, but it is android based and runs android applications.

HM516 also has optional docking station and Scanner and provides same dust & water protection rating of IP54.

Unlike HM518, HM516 only has 16GB of eMMC memory, but for android that should not be a great shortcoming.


Latest trends in POS systems are pointing towards mobile POS solutions and these products from Hisense are perfect for the job.

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