DVR/NVR bundle deals are good to go!

These took forever to be approved, but we are finally able to ship out DVR/NVR bundles!

3 different CCTV technology flavors to choose from! A-HD, HD-TVI, IP.  All bundles come with a system and right amount of camera, but they do not include hard drives so you must buy one separately.  Also for analog CCTV technologies (A-HD, HD-TVI) separate siamese cable installation is needed.  Chances are, your current CCTV installation is compatible, but for new installs, you may need to run new wire installs for these.

IP Packages

IP technology is more newer and recommended for new installs,  They also use single regular network cable (CAT 5 or above with RJ45 terminal) for both data and power.  Most of the IP camera’s use POE (Power Over Ethernet) technology to achieve this, and all IP camera’s sold on EveryPOS supports POE so power supply/distributors are not required.

IP 960p 4CH Package $460

This package contains

  • 4 Cameras
  • 4 CH Network Video Recorder with PoE built in
  • 4 60ft Ethernet cables

And it is capable of recording videos at 1280×960 resolution which is sharper than 720p HD, but not as sharp as 1080p FHD.  Cables included are adequate enough to cover many possible camera locations for 4 channel system.

IP 720p 4CH Packages $360

This package is the exact same package as IP 960p 4CH Package, but it can only record videos up to 720p HD.  As a tradeoff for $100 dollar price reduction, this package loses video resolution quality.  720p is the lowest resolution that is considered High Definition and it may be adequate for small stores, but it will have hard time reading texts or facial features from some distance.

A-HD Package

Everyone likes having an affordable option, but for security systems, initial savings might not be worth much when the video quality is too low.  Lowest video quality we are willing to sell is 720p.  It is best used in cases where the camera can be place close to the subject.  For example, it is better to place 720p camera right on top of the cash register, instead of placing it across the room.

EveryPOS A-HD 720p 4CH Package $242.25

Our lowest cost option for security system is the A-HD 720p 4CH Package.  Equipped with 720p A-HD RT series, and 4 A-HD 720p HD camera, our A-HD package offers lowest possible cost for a security system.  It should be noted that we do not ship RG cables it needs to be purchased from different source.

This package contains

  • 4 x Cameras
  • 1 x A-HD 720p 4CH RT system
  • 1 x 9 CH Power distributor


HD-TVI offers FHD quality and simple upgrade path from existing cable runs for analog CCTVs.  HD-TVI DVRs can also accept analog signals along with updated FHD cameras allowing you to seamlessly upgrade/add high quality cameras while keeping more coverage with existing analog ones (of course, the existing analog cameras wont magically start recording in HD from the upgrade).

EveryPOS HD-TVI 1080p 4CH Package Starting $369.75

EveryPOS HD-TVI 1080p 8CH Package Starting $674.50

These package includes

  • 4/8 x Cameras
  • 1 x 4/8 Channel DVR
  • 1 x 9 Channel power distributor

If your current analog or sub FHD installation makes use of siamese cable such as R59 or R6, these packages offer inplace upgrade with no rewiring needed.  Replace camera, DVR, and power distributor and connect your existing cables and you are all set to start recording in 1080p FHD.

To help with deciding which format/package to choose from, here is a chart of what we think which package you should buy for different situations

  • Your business does not have any CCTV solutions and needs new installation with no pre-existing cable installations.
    • IP is the only real option here.  IP allows best quality, simple and cheapest installation cost and is the most future proof technology.
  • Your business already has existing siamese cables, but you would like to get HD quality
    • HD-TVI gives you the best quality for least amount of money required for installation.
    • A-HD gives you the most affordable option to get HD quality from existing analog installation
    • IP gives you most future proof way to upgrade.  It is also the most costly option for existing analog installation.
  • You are getting a contractor to install equipment you have purchased (From EveryPOS or other stores)
    • Most contractors know HD-TVI format and most likely use it themselves.  It is very popular analog format that allows FHD quality over longer distance

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