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Hello, and sorry for the really horrible title.

Today I’m going to introduce the Groovv system to you guys.  While the full blown Point of Sale systems offers the most versatile options and customizations, it’s daunting to drop the lump sum of money especially when your business has just launched.  Enter Groovv, simple and effective solution for growing business with low initial investment cost, risk, 24 hour support, and no term contract or obligation!  There is just one catch.  You have to be approved for merchant services before Groovv ships out the terminal.  This process could take as little as 2~3 days if all informations are correct and applications are not rejected, to 10+ business days if there are information mismatch or error on IRS systems.

Groovv currently offers 3 different types of terminals.  Terminal One for accepting many forms of payment methods as simple as possible.  POS Flex for flexibility.  POS All-In-One for full blown Point of Sale station.

Groovv Terminal One

Groovv Terminal One

First up is the Groovv Terminal One.  Terminal one is the easiest way to accept payments from tech savvy customers with smart watches to traditional customers with magnetic stripe credit cards.  We have personally tested Termina One and it was amazing to see a single device accepting all kinds of payment methods we’ve thrown at it.  Apple pay (Phone and watch), Android pay (Phone and watch), Samsung Pay (NFC and MSR), Credit cards from VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discover (EMV & Magnetic strip).  Sadly we couldn’t make Terminal One accept personal paper checks and “I-Owe-You notes”.

Groovv POS

Next set of Groovv solutions includes Groovv POS software which offers various functions such as

  • Inventory management
    • List items with multiple hierarchy levels and modifiers
    • Track sales
    • Receive notifications when item runs low on stock
  • Back office functionality
    • Track employee work time
    • View sales history
    • View business intelligence reports
  • Manage sales settings
    • Set tax settings
    • Set check splitting policy
    • Set tipping policy
    • Modify settings to fit your business
  • Online Marketing with built in PassMarket Lite
    • Loyalty programs built into the Groovv POS system
    • Send customers your store’s location
    • Send customers near your location offers
    • Reward customers socializing your business on Social Networks (Pro feature)
    • Send coupons and offers to customers (Pro feature)
    • Allow customers to purchase online (Pro feature)

Groovv POS Flex

Groovv POS Flex

Groovv Flex is somewhat weird kind of device similar to Posiflex MT4008 in a sense that a detachable tablet is used to allow mobility some customers require.  It uses an android tablet with Groovv POS software preloaded and comes with a terminal that could accept all forms of payment much like the Terminal One, but the payment terminal is also detachable.  You are free to roam around the base station with both the tablet and payment terminal and accept orders/payments with ease.

The base model does not come with the wireless cash drawer, printer, or the barcode reader so if those are required, do tell us before we finalize the order.

Groovv POS All-in-one

Groovv POS All-in-One

For a small start up retail or restaurants, price tag of a full point of sale system could be pretty daunting and even if purchased, it may not be fully utilized for the maximum efficiency.  Groovv POS All-in-one (AIO) is targeted for those budding businesses by offering the core functionality needed without all the other bloat from full blown point of sale system.

Groovv POS AIO comes with built-in devices such as barcode scanner, receipt printer, customer display, and cash drawer along with the same multifunction terminal that Groovv POS Flex version comes with.  This allows Groovv AIO all the major day-to-day functionality of a standard point of sale system without the price tag!


If you are ready to get Groovvy, but if you still can’t decide which system fits your needs, here is what we think.


  • your business have just started and does not need the Groovv POS software, but would like to receive various payment methods.
    • Definitely Groovv Terminal One.  Terminal One allows your business to receive many different form of modern payments.
  • your business already have Point of Sale system, but does not have EMV capabilities
    • If your sole goal is to receive fraud protection, Groovv Terminal One is the best choice.
    • If you require mobile solution with marketing tools, Groovv POS Flex is the right choice
    • If your current POS system is out of date, and is missing features, Groovv POS AIO offers modernized solution.
  • your business already has Groovv system, but is having problems with customers lining up for a long time
    • Groovv POS Flex allows one of your employee to bring the tablet around and accept orders before customer gets to the front of the line (Kitchen printer purchased separately)

Of course nothing is stopping you from ordering multiple of these devices under one account to run in sync, giving you more freedom on how your business can operate.  If you have any questions regarding how Groovv works, you can contact us here!

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