Its been awhile since we last added new item (it being POSBANK APEXA G Starting $789) which amazed us with the affordable price and the performance.

Today, we introduce OPTIMUS from OKPOS!  As a background info on OKPOS, Point of Sale hardware market has been dominated by OKPOS for a bit now.

After playing around with products from OKPOS for a bit, it wasn’t hard to see how it was possible.



Intel’s J1900 seems to be popular choice with multiple manufacturers due to it’s ultra low power consumption leading to less heat and unbeatable price to performance with it’s 4 cores.  While Optimus is being marketed in Korea as “Entry level” it packs enough punch to run most modern Point of Sale software on the market.

Optimus comes in either white or black.  It does not have glossy finish like APEXA G and we had mixed opinion on whether this was better or not.


On the inside, OKPOS replaced traditional SATA connector for HDD/SSD with m.2 for SSDs.  This also had mixed opinion.  Some of us liked how compact m.2 SSDs were and how much more effort it takes for end user to casually disconnect HDD/SSD.  Also due to how m.2 SSDs are held in place with a screw, this virtually eliminates the accidental disconnection.

But by removing an easy access to the storage media, it takes longer for technicians to swap/replace malfunctioning SSD/HDD compared to SATA connectors we see on APEXA G.


The version of Optimus we have comes with 4GB ram as default, but on a rare usecase requiring more memory, you will be surprised fin that Optimus has upgradable memory!  Any standard DDR3 SODIMM should work with Optimus.  But be careful to buy a single stick version because Optimus only has 1 SODIMM slot!


One thing Optimus gained for ditching bulky SATA connection seems to be larger area for I/O connectors.  Only on the top I/O panel, Optimus comes with 4x Serial ports (as RJ45) and 4x USB along with 1x VGA and 1x Ethernet port.  On the bottom rear of the Optimus, you will find additional 2x usb ports.  If for any reason you have to connect mouse/keyboard to the Optimus, you dont have to go through removing top I/O cover, and facing a serious dilemma of choosing which USB connector to unplug.

Optimus also comes with 4x Serial to  RJ45 adapters.


Unfortunately, both MSR and customer display has to be purchased separately and furthermore, Optimus does not have traditional 2 line display.



These are the accessory items you see on the image of the Optimus above.


To conclude, we were very satisfied with Optimus in multiples ways.  It’s performance is on par with other POS systems with J1900/J2900 CPU, it is very (and we mean VERY) competitively priced, it offers supreme connectivity options (no need for USB hubs anymore!), it is also pleasing to the eyes!

Latest Printer Refreshes from various manufacturers


Epson printers are very popular because of their reliability.  Many of the thermal receipt printers used these days are almost 100% compatible with Epson drivers because they emulate Epson hardware for compatibility.

This year, Epson have refreshed one of their popular thermal receipt printer TM-T88, with impressive features namely the default triple interface.  Current model (TM-T88VI) comes with Ethernet alongside the previous model’s (TM-T88V) interface USB and SERIAL.  This seems to be a common trend with printer manufacturers e.x. Bixolon including both Serial and USB on their SRP-275 refresh.  With frequent returns on these printers with varying interfaces and customer ordering wrong item by mistake, this trend is truly a bliss for both retailers like us and our customers.

Epson TM-T88 VI Thermal Receipt Printer – $345 ~$360


TM-T88VI also has optional wireless/BT interface available for printing from mobile device wirelessly, but unfortunately we do not have enough available to open and play around with wifi model.  Also there seems to be a white model available in the wild, but we only have black models so if you need a white printer to match your store, we have some TM-T88V model in white (does not have Ethernet).

Epson TM-T88 V Thermal Receipt Printer – $300

This is the last version of TM-T88, but it doesn’t mean that it’s obsolete!  Epson printers have 4 year warranty from the date of your purchase and thy are known for their reliability so TM-T88 V is not a bad choice if you do not needed Ethernet port for your printer.  It also comes in “Epson Cool White” (white) or “Epson Dark Gray” (black) and still comes with dual Serial and USB interface.

Tablet POS from Hisense!

Today we have just added 3 new mobile tablet POS systems from Hisense

Each of them have their own unique pros and cons, so we thought it would be great to explain them through a blog post.

Firstly lets start off with the most affordable option HM388

Hisense HM388 $499~$569


HM388’s base configuration comes under $500 dollars making it one of the most affordable windows based POS system in the world!  It also comes with it’s own dock, built in MSR, Micro SD slot, mini HDMI, and micro USB.  It also comes with 32gb eMMC flash memory with ~20 GB free after windows installation.

Performance wise, it has intel’s Cherrytrail Z8350 quad core CPU and is able to handle many POS tasks we throw at it.  However, we would not recommend running HM388 as a server for high volume multiple POS system setup.

With built in magnetic strip reader, its possible to read the loyalty cards and gift cards in a breeze.

It also has built in camera which is useful when you have to take a picture of the customer or your employees for employee cards.

We are very conflicted on the docking station.  It provides 3 x USB with 1 x COM port for the HM388, but it communicates with the tablet via contact therefore, USB connected printers, pinpads, customer displays or other devices will not work while tablet is detached.  Also COM port is in RJ45 formfactor and may require adapters to use other traditional COM port devices.


Hisense HM518 $719~$1049


HM518 doe not provide any additional performance over HM388, but it provides additional protection against droppage, dust & water.  We accidentally tested how durable it was (multiple times actually.  No he did not get fired) and we can say that it definitely works as intended and can withstand intern’s abuse perfectly.

Besides the durability we can atest for, HM518 also has capabilities to have scanner pre installed into the tablet allowing quick barcode scanning without carrying additional barcode scanner.

HM518 also has expanded storage from HM388’s 32GB to whopping 64GB.

Unlike HM388, you do get an option to choose Windows 8.1 instead of Windows 10.

Also it does not come with a charging station b default and needs to be purchased separately.

Hisense HM516 $619~$949


Hisense HM516 is an android equivalent of HM518.  It looks and feels similar to HM518, but it is android based and runs android applications.

HM516 also has optional docking station and Scanner and provides same dust & water protection rating of IP54.

Unlike HM518, HM516 only has 16GB of eMMC memory, but for android that should not be a great shortcoming.


Latest trends in POS systems are pointing towards mobile POS solutions and these products from Hisense are perfect for the job.

DVR/NVR bundle deals are good to go!

These took forever to be approved, but we are finally able to ship out DVR/NVR bundles!

3 different CCTV technology flavors to choose from! A-HD, HD-TVI, IP.  All bundles come with a system and right amount of camera, but they do not include hard drives so you must buy one separately.  Also for analog CCTV technologies (A-HD, HD-TVI) separate siamese cable installation is needed.  Chances are, your current CCTV installation is compatible, but for new installs, you may need to run new wire installs for these.

IP Packages

IP technology is more newer and recommended for new installs,  They also use single regular network cable (CAT 5 or above with RJ45 terminal) for both data and power.  Most of the IP camera’s use POE (Power Over Ethernet) technology to achieve this, and all IP camera’s sold on EveryPOS supports POE so power supply/distributors are not required.

IP 960p 4CH Package $460

This package contains

  • 4 Cameras
  • 4 CH Network Video Recorder with PoE built in
  • 4 60ft Ethernet cables

And it is capable of recording videos at 1280×960 resolution which is sharper than 720p HD, but not as sharp as 1080p FHD.  Cables included are adequate enough to cover many possible camera locations for 4 channel system.

IP 720p 4CH Packages $360

This package is the exact same package as IP 960p 4CH Package, but it can only record videos up to 720p HD.  As a tradeoff for $100 dollar price reduction, this package loses video resolution quality.  720p is the lowest resolution that is considered High Definition and it may be adequate for small stores, but it will have hard time reading texts or facial features from some distance.

A-HD Package

Everyone likes having an affordable option, but for security systems, initial savings might not be worth much when the video quality is too low.  Lowest video quality we are willing to sell is 720p.  It is best used in cases where the camera can be place close to the subject.  For example, it is better to place 720p camera right on top of the cash register, instead of placing it across the room.

EveryPOS A-HD 720p 4CH Package $242.25

Our lowest cost option for security system is the A-HD 720p 4CH Package.  Equipped with 720p A-HD RT series, and 4 A-HD 720p HD camera, our A-HD package offers lowest possible cost for a security system.  It should be noted that we do not ship RG cables it needs to be purchased from different source.

This package contains

  • 4 x Cameras
  • 1 x A-HD 720p 4CH RT system
  • 1 x 9 CH Power distributor


HD-TVI offers FHD quality and simple upgrade path from existing cable runs for analog CCTVs.  HD-TVI DVRs can also accept analog signals along with updated FHD cameras allowing you to seamlessly upgrade/add high quality cameras while keeping more coverage with existing analog ones (of course, the existing analog cameras wont magically start recording in HD from the upgrade).

EveryPOS HD-TVI 1080p 4CH Package Starting $369.75

EveryPOS HD-TVI 1080p 8CH Package Starting $674.50

These package includes

  • 4/8 x Cameras
  • 1 x 4/8 Channel DVR
  • 1 x 9 Channel power distributor

If your current analog or sub FHD installation makes use of siamese cable such as R59 or R6, these packages offer inplace upgrade with no rewiring needed.  Replace camera, DVR, and power distributor and connect your existing cables and you are all set to start recording in 1080p FHD.

To help with deciding which format/package to choose from, here is a chart of what we think which package you should buy for different situations

  • Your business does not have any CCTV solutions and needs new installation with no pre-existing cable installations.
    • IP is the only real option here.  IP allows best quality, simple and cheapest installation cost and is the most future proof technology.
  • Your business already has existing siamese cables, but you would like to get HD quality
    • HD-TVI gives you the best quality for least amount of money required for installation.
    • A-HD gives you the most affordable option to get HD quality from existing analog installation
    • IP gives you most future proof way to upgrade.  It is also the most costly option for existing analog installation.
  • You are getting a contractor to install equipment you have purchased (From EveryPOS or other stores)
    • Most contractors know HD-TVI format and most likely use it themselves.  It is very popular analog format that allows FHD quality over longer distance

Groovv? Sounds Groovvy

Hello, and sorry for the really horrible title.

Today I’m going to introduce the Groovv system to you guys.  While the full blown Point of Sale systems offers the most versatile options and customizations, it’s daunting to drop the lump sum of money especially when your business has just launched.  Enter Groovv, simple and effective solution for growing business with low initial investment cost, risk, 24 hour support, and no term contract or obligation!  There is just one catch.  You have to be approved for merchant services before Groovv ships out the terminal.  This process could take as little as 2~3 days if all informations are correct and applications are not rejected, to 10+ business days if there are information mismatch or error on IRS systems.

Groovv currently offers 3 different types of terminals.  Terminal One for accepting many forms of payment methods as simple as possible.  POS Flex for flexibility.  POS All-In-One for full blown Point of Sale station.

Groovv Terminal One

Groovv Terminal One

First up is the Groovv Terminal One.  Terminal one is the easiest way to accept payments from tech savvy customers with smart watches to traditional customers with magnetic stripe credit cards.  We have personally tested Termina One and it was amazing to see a single device accepting all kinds of payment methods we’ve thrown at it.  Apple pay (Phone and watch), Android pay (Phone and watch), Samsung Pay (NFC and MSR), Credit cards from VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discover (EMV & Magnetic strip).  Sadly we couldn’t make Terminal One accept personal paper checks and “I-Owe-You notes”.

Groovv POS

Next set of Groovv solutions includes Groovv POS software which offers various functions such as

  • Inventory management
    • List items with multiple hierarchy levels and modifiers
    • Track sales
    • Receive notifications when item runs low on stock
  • Back office functionality
    • Track employee work time
    • View sales history
    • View business intelligence reports
  • Manage sales settings
    • Set tax settings
    • Set check splitting policy
    • Set tipping policy
    • Modify settings to fit your business
  • Online Marketing with built in PassMarket Lite
    • Loyalty programs built into the Groovv POS system
    • Send customers your store’s location
    • Send customers near your location offers
    • Reward customers socializing your business on Social Networks (Pro feature)
    • Send coupons and offers to customers (Pro feature)
    • Allow customers to purchase online (Pro feature)

Groovv POS Flex

Groovv POS Flex

Groovv Flex is somewhat weird kind of device similar to Posiflex MT4008 in a sense that a detachable tablet is used to allow mobility some customers require.  It uses an android tablet with Groovv POS software preloaded and comes with a terminal that could accept all forms of payment much like the Terminal One, but the payment terminal is also detachable.  You are free to roam around the base station with both the tablet and payment terminal and accept orders/payments with ease.

The base model does not come with the wireless cash drawer, printer, or the barcode reader so if those are required, do tell us before we finalize the order.

Groovv POS All-in-one

Groovv POS All-in-One

For a small start up retail or restaurants, price tag of a full point of sale system could be pretty daunting and even if purchased, it may not be fully utilized for the maximum efficiency.  Groovv POS All-in-one (AIO) is targeted for those budding businesses by offering the core functionality needed without all the other bloat from full blown point of sale system.

Groovv POS AIO comes with built-in devices such as barcode scanner, receipt printer, customer display, and cash drawer along with the same multifunction terminal that Groovv POS Flex version comes with.  This allows Groovv AIO all the major day-to-day functionality of a standard point of sale system without the price tag!


If you are ready to get Groovvy, but if you still can’t decide which system fits your needs, here is what we think.


  • your business have just started and does not need the Groovv POS software, but would like to receive various payment methods.
    • Definitely Groovv Terminal One.  Terminal One allows your business to receive many different form of modern payments.
  • your business already have Point of Sale system, but does not have EMV capabilities
    • If your sole goal is to receive fraud protection, Groovv Terminal One is the best choice.
    • If you require mobile solution with marketing tools, Groovv POS Flex is the right choice
    • If your current POS system is out of date, and is missing features, Groovv POS AIO offers modernized solution.
  • your business already has Groovv system, but is having problems with customers lining up for a long time
    • Groovv POS Flex allows one of your employee to bring the tablet around and accept orders before customer gets to the front of the line (Kitchen printer purchased separately)

Of course nothing is stopping you from ordering multiple of these devices under one account to run in sync, giving you more freedom on how your business can operate.  If you have any questions regarding how Groovv works, you can contact us here!

We made some sales! Here’s what we think – Printers!

It’s been a couple weeks since our grand opening and we now have enough data to draw various conclusions and the first thing we thought of when we saw the sales numbers was to see what our customers were buying, do some number crunching, draw some statisics and promote one or two products.

What really surprised us was the fact that most customers purchased items on either Tuesday or Friday we are about to hire professional number crunchers to determinate the cause behind this phenomenon, but please do contact us if you or your beloved ones have urge to purchase printers on Tuesday or Friday.

Speaking of printers, over 75% of the sales were printers (around 80% if counting orders with multiple printers as individual sale).  We have concluded that this confirms an existence of magical black hole which sucks in people’s thermal printers.

Our most popular item sold is POSBANK A10 Thermal Receipt Printer and the second most sold is Sam4s GIANT 100.  Honorary mention goes to EPSON TM-T20 II Thermal Receipt Printer for having the highest quantity sold in one single order.

POSBANK A10 – $169*


A10 is a unique looking printer with fast printing speed and supporting USB and Serial interface and comes in either black or white (we ran out of white version).  It is truly high quality product made in Korea.

A10 sports a unique stylish design that POSBANK products are known for and when asked, our customers actually do say that they were inclined to purchase A10 almost purely from how it looks.

Besides the style, A10 also houses very reliable internals designed to withstand any busy retail, restaurant environment.  With it’s jam free printer had with auto cutter, A10 eliminates any possible chance of our customers having an urge to hammer their jammed printers to dust.

It is by far our most sold product both on Amazon and on so numbers speak for themselves also.

Sam4s Giant 100 – $180*


While A10 may have all the edges and elegant look, design concept of Giant 100 is completely different.  It is solely focused on efficiency and efficiency alone.  This little bugger is one of the smallest functional thermal receipt printer capable of printing 3-1/8 wide receipts at blazing fast 250 mm/sec printing speed, takes up only about 70% of many compact thermal printers, comes with USB, Serial and ETHERNET interface as default.

Giant 100 is also one of the affordable printer with Ethernet interface (both as add-on and default support).

Giant 100 also has standard features all of our printers have such as auto cutter and drop in paper loading, so we really think that primary selling point of this printer is the Ethernet support.

Epson TM-T20 II – $140*

Epson TM-T20

To our surprise, TM-T20 were not the top selling printer.  It is a widely known printer, it is the printer everyone thinks of when they are thinking about thermal receipt printers, and it really is everywhere.

Priced at $140 with USB + Serial interface, really tough exterior, and proven track record of Epson, you really can’t go wrong with TM-T20.

These printers may be leading our sales chart, but it doesn’t mean our other printers are not on par in terms of quality or efficiency.  Also we don’t have solid number of sales of products of other categories to draw any conclusions or share anything with you guys so give us some time for our next post.

We will periodically write posts like these to keep you guys informed about whats hot among our customers and whats not.

Just for you guys for reading the whole thing, here is a coupon code for $10 dollars discount on all printers!**

Also Subscribe to our email list for more coupons and discounts!

*Price subjected to change at any time.

**Only upto $30 discount per order

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We finally launched!

Took us quite a bit more than what we anticipated, but we finally did it!

All products on our site is fully stocked, price double checked and ready to be shipped!

Before placing your order, make sure to read our Terms of ServicePrivacy Policy and Information regarding Security.


Please visit us on  Facebook and Twitter for special time limited promotion!

Here is a collection of places you can buy bitcoin online right now.

Regarding Product Availability

When we receive an order, we will try out best to fulfill it as fast as possible.  However, there may be times when the ordered product is not in our warehouse, and may need to be ordered.  When that happens, we will notify the stock status, restocking date, ETA of product delivery and if requested a refund for the order.  Please accept our apology in advance for the inconvenience.

Regarding Printing Supplies

We know how frustrating it is when you buy some printing supply and after few days of waiting for it to be delivered, you find out that they just are not compatible.

We tried our best to distinguish between the types of paper each printer uses.

But, to make things even easier, most if not all of our thermal receipt printers use 3-1/8 inch thermal paper rolls.

Same goes for impact/dot matrix printers with 3 inch plain paper rolls

We current do not carry a standalone credit card machine, but we do have 2-1/4 inch thermal paper rolls for those.

We also have 2-1/4 inch Label Rolls with varying heights per label.

Please make sure to check the price and number of rolls before adding them do the cart.

We do not sell rolls individually and all of them are shipped with multiple rolls in a box.

If we see an order for 50 boxes, (2500 rolls for 3-1/8 roll box) we will try to contact the customer before processing the order so do not be alarmed when we send an email asking if all the ordered items are correct amount/quantity.

Regarding DVR cables (RG 59, RG 6)

We are sorry to inform you that we will not be offering RG 59 and RG 6 cables.

These cables can only be sold in large bulks or the shipping cost is too much for us to offer cables at a competitive price and we concluded that this was better move instead of listing ridiculously priced cables.  e.g. listing 500 ft RG 59 for 100+ dollars when many local hardware shops will sell them for around 50 dollars.

We do recommend that customers purchase RG 6 cable instead of RG 59 cables due to multiple of reasons and better signal quality being the most important one.

Quality POS BANK products from Korea

Many of us know the alluring price tag of cheap knock offs, but even more of us know the true value of reliable tools and having one less thing to worry about in your hectic business life is pure bliss. only offer products from reputable manufacturers with reliable hardware and most of them are tested and proven products.  You will not find cheap knock offs that will ruin your day here.

Of the products we offer, products from POS BANK comes straight from Korea and we are proud to carry their products. These are by far the most reliable and stylish products that by far outshines other competitors.